Thursday, September 10, 2009

White Loch of Myrton Near Port William 30th May 2009

Still trying to chill out after out gruelling trip to Southampton, we decided on a local trip out.
A lovely warm day so we stopped for a picnic luch overlooking the beech at Port William

As it was so sunny and warm we decided a walk in the woods was in order so decided to investigate the walk at White Loch of Myrton. We parked near to Monreith House where the Rhododendrods were looking beautiful in the gardens.

Along the path there were lots of blue damselflies

The swamp! The water was white with willowdown

The sun was shining through the bright green sycamore leaves...

...and the beech...

...and the Wych Elm

There were large trees clad with ivy

and lovely big ancient trees

The White Loch of Myrton

We didnt see much bird life on the loch just a family of swans and several herons

This was carved way up the trunk, probably in the 70's

I didnt do it, honest!

Minimalist reflections

Hogweed looking beautifu in the sunlight

The reflected reeds making patterns on the water

The boathouse


Pete & Mike walking back along the lane to the car

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