Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Garden Creatures 27th June 2009

We see all sorts of wildlife in our wild garden!

Newly hatched shieldbugs (I think)

Wasps nest in our Multi Bug House, this compartments meant to be for butterflies, claimed squatters rights and stayed there all summer!

Busy wasp

Damselfly closeup


Red damselflies mating on one of our barrel water features

Large Toad

Very obliging, managed to get him to pose in front of one of our Toad Abodes!

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ruthie said...

Love the toad house & bug boxes, my friend has recently set up a pond in her garden & her kids are so intrigued at watching all the wildlife move in, the now have a resident newt! so wonderful for children to be introduced to nature at as early an age as possible.