Monday, September 21, 2009

Galloway Wildlife Park Kirkcudbright am 1st August 2009

The 1st August is my husband Petes birthday, so we gave him the choice of where to go for the day. He decided we should go to the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park as we hadnt been for many years. So it was animals in the morning, a picnic lunch, a walk along the River Dee in the afternoon and a fish and chip supper at Kirkcudbright harbour. A perfect day out!

I hope I have named all the animals correctly as I have done it from memory!



A robin on the picnic table

Himalyan Monal


Ring Tailed Lemur

Red Panda


Collared Peccary

Maned Wolf

Eagle Owl

Crowned Crane

Snowy Owl

Young Tree Porcupine-Sooo cute!

Caracal Lynx

Guinea Pig

Yellow Mongoose


Darter on feather


Oriental Short-clawed Otter

I would recommend a visit to anyone in the area, a lovely place and never too busy.
They also do a lot of good conservation work.

Many thanks to John Denerley from the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park for helping me out with the names of the animals

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