Monday, September 14, 2009

In search of the River Bladnoch 20th June 2009

We decided to find a river walk and have always wanted to investigate the Bladnoch. We had seen a footpath sign to the river Bladnoch just outside Kirkcowan on a previous trip so headed for that. As usual in Scotland where thereis a footpath sign there is little parking but managed to tuck in off the road. It was lunch time so we started with a picnic on the bench provided. There was a sweet smell of honeysuckle in the air.

And a mass of everlasting sweet peas in bloom

We headed off down the footpath past a derelict cottage

Through a cow field-mind where you tread!

A short detour to get a glimpse of the river

Back down the lane where the foxgloves looked lovely against the stone wall

We arrived at the Bladnoch but were dissapointed as the path appeared to come to an end with only a glimpse of the river. Lots of wool on the fence

We retraced our steps and the cows were watching!

We decided to try further down the river and managed to park in a layby with a footpath oposite. This was more like it!

A lovely stone bridge...

...and a lovely wide river

Blue sky and great clouds

This would be a great place after lots of rain

The path just went on and on..

Lovely riverside trees

... and banks full of wild flowers

We came accross a fishing hut with pictures pinned to the wall

We could have walked a lot further and will start out earlier next time!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,I've done the walks you mention here so just thought I would share the following with you.

The deserted house beside the footpath to the Bladnoch from Johnstone Bridge at the bottom end of Kirkcowan is not deserted !The first time I ventured down there I thought the same and decided to have a look round the back garden, nearly s**t myself when I noticed out of the corner of my eye smoke coming from the chimney ! Made an enquiry in the village and yes it is inhabited would you believe.

Your next walk beside Jonathon Healy's water on the Bladnoch at Spittal Bridge is indeed very nice but unfortunately after a couple of miles the river puts obstacles in your way to halt your progress as far as I can remember.

Let me recommend a great wee riverside walk for you, that you can go for miles. Take the wood of cree road out of Minnigaf and at the far end say about ten miles the road bridges the river minnoch, just about 200 yards back on the right hand side there is a track off the road ( blink and you'll miss it ) leads to a small parking/turning area and the path starts there along side the minnoch, couple of miles up is the roman bridge check it out on OS Landranger sheet 77.