Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the Garden 17th-21st August 2009

Sparrowhawk under the feeding station

Hare sheltering from the rain under Mikes car

Painted Lady on the Verbena

Red Admiral on the Buddleia

Small Copper on Knapweed

Hoverfly on Knapweed

Peacock Butterfly on Buddleia

Small Copper


Small Copper on Marjoram

Brown Hare in the wet grass...

...we leave a patch of longer grass for the wildlife...

... and it is much appreciated by the hare!

..can you see it?
...caterpillar pretending to be a twig.

Water, water everywhere, Clatteringshaws 15th August 2009

After very heavy overnight rain we decided it was a good time to go looking for waterfalls.

Our first stop was The Grey Mares Tail near Murrays monument and the Wild Goat Park on the Queens Way. The water was so powerfull and there was so much spray I only managed this quick shot beside the waterfall.
We retreated to a safer distance for more shots.

Mike fully kitted out for the photoshoot

Our next stop was a very stormy looking Clatteringshaws Loch for a picnic lunch. We then headed off up the minor road beside the dam, after some time and when the road turned to track we parked and set off for our walk.

Our first siting-a Scotch Argus, there were also a lot of dragonflies too but they werent settling so didnt manage a shot.

There was a lot of water about!

Every little burn had turned into a raging torrent...

...but all were very beautiful

A painted Lady warming up

Pyrausta purpuralis

McWhanns Stone

Curnelloch Burn

As we turned to head back we noticed a magical forest, a fairyland full of red toadstools!

View towards the hills
Forest track

Black Water of Dee

Back in the car now by Clatteringshaws, the weather now much brighter we stopped to take a few shots

Gate beside the Loch

The minor road beside the loch

7 Stanes Cycle Route sign beside Clatteringshaws... detail

Rosebay Willow Herb and heather near the dam

Clatteringshaws Dam
View along the top...
...and the railings stopping you getting on it

The other side of the dam

Mill on the Fleet, Gatehouse of Fleet 8th August 2009

A bit of a cloudy grey day so decided to go to Gatehouse of Fleet as we knew we could retreat to the Mill on the Fleet if it rained. Wicker art on the wall outside the Mill. A sheep I think!

The water wheel

Giant wooden man looking towards the river with his binoculars

The Mill on the Fleet used to be a visitor attraction with tableaus, however it now appears to be more of an Exhibition Centre with free entry. Good secondhand bookshop, cafe and camera you can operate to view the river. Entry is free with a donation box.

The Mill taken from the bridge over the River Fleet

We had a walk through the woods towards Cally and came across a game of cricket which took our attention for a while.
Unfortunately our walk was cut short when it started to rain!