Monday, September 14, 2009

Ardwell Church and Bay 15th June 2009

Set off for a trip to Ardwell Bay and passed Ardwell church and decided just had to stop for a photoshoot. Have always thought it was a beautiful church in such a rural location but today it looked stunning with blue sky and fluffy clouds behind and the rhododendrons out.

What a great venue for a wedding, lovely from any angle and no gravestones to spoil the view

Carved cross on the stone post

Eventually arrived at Ardwell Bay in time for a picnic lunch, the bay looked beautiful and deserted on such a lovely day too!

Where else in the country would you find this, empty sands

Unfortunately where its off the beaten track it doesnt get cleaned up either!

Sandwich Terns preening...

...and flying.

Off on our walk, a footpath sign is an unfamiliar sight in Scotland although many more are appearing

Rusting barbed wire on the shore

Beauty and the beast!

Rubbish has been here for many years

Ringed Plover and Dunlin

Painted Lady Butterfly

Wheatear and young

Beach litter collected over many years

Nest on the cliff

Quite large could be a ravens

Beautiful Dunlin in summer plumage

Large pebbles on the beach

Why cant people take their rubbish home?

Back home the farmer had been making hay while the sun was shining...

Another photo opportunity on our doorstep

Taken from our garden fence

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