Monday, September 14, 2009

Bird Ringing Lesson 15th June 2009

Under the guidance of experienced bird ringers Geoff & Jean, Mike and Kirsty had their first lesson towards getting ringers licences.

Our first attepmt at putting the nets up in our garden and we were surprised at just how many birds we caught in a short space of time.

It was daunting seeing how quickly they got tangled but they were soon untangled and hanging in wriggling cotton bags.

Jean holds a fiesty bluetit!
A chaffinch expertly held.A redpoll being checked
Kirsty learns how to hold one.

Mike measures a male Siskins wing

A ring is put on a male Chaffinch

Mike rings a Siskin

Kirsty getting advice
We used our conseratory to ring as it was cool in the evening and it was far too midgy to ring them outdoors.

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