Monday, August 31, 2009

Battle of the Pheasants 9th May 2009

Great tit Collecting Nesting Wool 9th May 2009

Galloway Forest Park, sculptures, waterfalls & wild goats 2nd May 2009

Grey Mares Tail


Not quite there but liked the effect!

Wild kid!


Dont come any closer!

Sculptures in the Galloway Forest Park

A sceries of stunning and unusually sculptures have been placed in wild locations within the park, have yet to find them all but my ai is eventually to photograph the all.


A series of stone heads set into a dry stane dyke


A series of waterfalls above the Grey Mares Tail

On the trail to find "The Eye"

Hairy Caterpillar

"The Eye" in landscape

The Eye

In close

Looking up!

Wobbly's Story

On 30th April we had our first sick hedgehog arrived.
He was quite poorley and wobbled quite badly when he tried to stand up so we named him Wobbly.

He was quite small only weighing 476g and there were signs of blood in his stools, so we werent optimistic about his recovery.

He arrived in the evening so we werent able to take him to the vets that day, but settled him down, gave him some food and water and put him on a heatpad. We were up early the next morning and took him straight to the vets at 8.30am. The poor little thing just laid curled up on the vets table and wouldnt uncurl. The vet gave him three injections and he hardly flinched (although Mike and I did!). He doses of antibiotics, anti inflamatory and a wormer. The vets said we should get him a bit stronger and bring him back in a few days.
He slept most of the day after his ordeal. We tried to get him to eat something that evening but he wasnt really interested but we managed to get a small amount of fluid into him by bottle. The next morning Kirsty checked him at 6.30am before she went to work and said he seemed fine and was eating. I checked him at 8.30 and there was no life in him at all, the poor thing had curled up on his heat pad and died at least we tried to help him and we really dont know just how much he was suffering.
He is buried in the woods amonst the bluebells.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Craig Airie Fell & Misc Nature Studies 27th April 2009

Drinker Moth Caterpillar

Willow Warbler


Craig Airie Fell

Wood Sorrel


New Sycamore Leaves

New Beech Leaves



Dor Beetle



After the Rain 23rd April 2009

Water droplets on Alchemilla Mollis


Water droplets on snowy mespolis

Water droplets on leaf bud

Water droplets on Alchemila molllis

Under the Gunnera




Window casualty 1-injured goldfinch

Window casualty 2-dead siskin

Garden Visitors 20th April 2009


Male Pheasant

Bluetit attacking mirror