Monday, June 28, 2010

Glenluce to St Helena 12th June 2010

Footpath sign by the viaduct

Interesting lichen

Simple sculpture

Common Sandpiper

4 Spotted Chaser

Blue Damselflies mating

I bet he gets a better dragonfly shot than me!


Burnet Rose

Singing Meadow Pipit

Twite on beach

Lots of Mergansers on the shore

St Helena



Back to the viaduct over the Luce

Mull of Galloway & Auchie Glen 5th June 2010

A very misty day for our SOC walk.

Herring Gull by the carpark waiting to be fed

Female Wheatear

Guillimots and other seabirds on cliff

Young Wheatear?

Beautiful thift

And a small grasshopper camouflaged thrift colour!

Pipit with food

Red Admiral

Painted Lady

Common Blue

Sea Spurrey

That Herring Gull still waiting!

Mist starting to clear, we can now see the lighthouse.

6 Spot Burnet Moth Caterpillar

After a picnic lunch- off to Auchie Glen

Wall Butterfly

Whitethroat with food

Goldfinch with mouthful of willowdown

Yellowhammer singing its heart out!

Mist still hasnt fully cleared but a good days wildlife watching had by all.

Around the Garden 2nd June 2010

Wrens nest under platform

Leef Beetles

Mating Damselflies

Large Red Damselfly

Hawthorn in full bloom, late this year!

Figwort Weevils on my Buddleia Globosa

Song Thrush, not sure what its carrying

Great Tit with tasty morsel

Coal Tit

Collecting the hay