Friday, September 11, 2009

Derelict Farmhouse S Ayrshire 6th June 2009

We took a no through road near to Barrhill South Ayrshire and drove some way until we came to a bridge where we stopped and had our picnic by the river. As we were not sure where the lane went we turned round and drove back and parked by a derelict farmhouse.

We had a good walk along the forest track oposite the farmand returned via the lane

When we got back to the car we couldnt resist having a look around the abandoned farm. What a waste, this place would make a beautiful home in a stunning location.

In an outhouse we found an old piano along with old farm machinery

Anyone for the loo?

A swallows nest in the bathroom

The rooms were full of owl pellets which had taken over the place, gaining access through the broken windows

The old Aga

Old light switch

The track alongside the cottage

The byre

Rusty padlock

Bird skeleton on piano

Old cookers in the barn

Grass on the ledge

The kitchen

broken window

broken pane

On the way home we stopped to look at the view back towards Barrhill

We were held up by the sheep in the road

and going over the bridge

We stopped to take pictures of an abandoned tractor and found orchids growing alongside the road

The old tractor



Back in our garden a toad..

...and a lizard that had lost its tail


ruthie said...

Hi valerie, i camr across your blog quite by accident when trying to find more info re: the galloway forest sculptures and have to say ihave just spent ages here going through all of your wonderful posts. Your photgraphy is beautiful! My husnand & I are making time to get into our walking more & your blog is an inspiration. I shall add you to my favourites, hope that's ok. ps: i should love to see this poor old farm house, i agree how sad, your photos of it are poignantly beautiful! *ruthie*

Anonymous said...

I came across your photos of Laggan Farm which brought back some happy memories. Back in the 1960's the tenant farmer and his wife (John & Anne Mitchell) provided bed and breakfast accommodation. I spent some happy holidays there as a guest. It's so sad to see the property now.