Monday, September 07, 2009

A walk through Dunskey Glen 23rd May 2009

Another showery day but decided to wrap up and go for a walk to Dunskey Glen. Although only a few miles away we hadnt visited there before. Next to Dunskey Gardens the Glen is free to visit with a nice little carpark, just follow the signs.A good place when its showery as lots of trees to shelter under!

Lovely ancient tree.

Kirsty, Mike & Pete

Another lovely old tree

Ivy looking quite harmless...

....not so harmless now
Lovely old tree that has moulded into the dry stane dyke

The bottom of the glen leads to the shore

The thrift was looking beautiful

A juvenile stonechat by the shore

Limpets on the rocks

and kelp too

Lichens and thrift making the rocks colourful

Spot the Goldfinch!

You never know what creatures might turn up on the beach!

Bright green seaweed

Back up the glen and smell the wild garlic!

Over the bridge and a bit more muddy and slippery now

Horsetails looking fresh after the rain

The light shining through the fresh green horse chestnut leaves

Litter sign-we certainly wont be leaving any.

Lovely bark

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