Monday, September 27, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, Lady Bay 25th September 2010

A short trip down to Lady Bay on the shores of Loch Ryan. A Lapland Bunting and a strange Warbler had been reported during the week. The track down gets rougher each time we go but its usually worth it. Our first sight was of the mess in the carpark, remains of campfires, rubbish, broken glass, cans etc. they had even left their frying pan and cooking oil.

The morons that left this should be tied to a stake when the tide is out and left for the tide to come in, preferably when the HSS ferry is due!

Several Silver Y moths about

A single Dandelion, not many flowers out now but the moths and butterflies were enjoying these.

Horses Tail

Plenty of food for the birds here, red crab apples....

...yellow crab apples...

...and an abundance of hawthorn berries!

Loch Ryan

The tide was just coming in.

Ferry coming in towards Stranraer

"Enjoy Loch Ryan Safely"

Bottle on the beach

The Stena Caledonia going past the workings for the new ferry port..

...and out past Ailsa Craig with Arran beyond.

A pellet not sure whos, but they eat stones!

Large hairy caterpiller, Fox Moth I think.

Blue boat and sky.

Old rope.

Worn shell.

Dead Gannet

Looking towards Finnarts Bay

Crept up on this moggy, I think it hadjust seen me!

Not today!

Plenty of Tortoiseshell Butterflies about.

The Stenna HSS ferry coming in to the Loch past Finnarts.

Moved down to The Wig next, I think this was a Goosander having a kip!

The clear waters of Loch Ryan

Mute Swan

Moved on again to the boat yard

Boats looking bright in the sunshine

Shells in the shallows

Kids having a sailing lesson.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Penkiln Burn from Auchinleck 18th September 2010

Weather not great, but decided on a walk from Auchinleck.

Bracket Fungi.

Large flocks of Mistle Thrushes about.

That smug look is because he has just got a photo of me!

The Penkiln Burn

Hespies Linn Waterfall, not easy to get to but worth it.

Calm just before the rapids.

Hazel nuts

On the way home we spotted these deer, didnt notice the white one at first as there were also sheep in the field.

Pebbles, Bugs & St Ninian 11th September 2010

Our mission today was to empty pitfall traps for Buglife, as part of their shore invertebrate study, not that easy as we had not set them so had to find them first!

Oyster Plant

Sea Kale

Wee Broon Coo

A large caterpillar, one I had not seen before, the larva of a Buff Tip Moth

Down on Port Castle Bay it appears the thing to do is to build pebble towers!

This is one I made!

St Ninians Cave, stuff of legend

An elaborate pebble tower

Lots of low growing blackthorn on the shingle

another tower

Shiny pebbles

Above the cave a late House Martin Brood, nice to see them nesting in their ancestral places still and not just on houses!

Historic Scotland sign by the cave, a place of Pilgrimage.

Many people leave makeshift crosses made from driftwood or scratch their names on pebbles and leave then around the cave.

Arghh, I hate to see balloons on the beach!

The view from near the cave looking back up the bay.

Son Mike

Kirsty in another world as usual (or planet!)

Rocks and waves

A spider (with cross!) near the entrance to the cave

Back along the beach

The sign had fallen down so Mike decided to show the way!

Back up the path