Friday, September 18, 2009

Lady Bay, Loch Ryan 4th July 2009

Parked down at the parking area at Lady Bay on the shores of Loch Ryan. If anyone is thinking of visiting this bay you should be advised that the track is steep and rough and best driven in a 4x4! We walked part way back up the track to where we had seen a coastal path sign.

As usual on Loch Ryan there is plenty of Ferries coming and going to Northern Ireland, the first one being the P&O fast ferry coming from Larne to Cairnryan

We walked around the edge of a field where there was an abundance of ladybird larvae.

View towards Ailsa Craig

The footpath was difficult to follow despite the signs, we still had to climb walls and get over electric fences and ended up at a dead end and it started to rain! Time to gice up I think! We did see a very young roe deer hiding in the vorner of a field and these cows seemed pleased to see us!

The next ferry was the more traditional P&O ferry

Soon to be passed by the Stenaline HSS heading for Belfast

We headed back accross the field and caught a glimpse of a hare.

Back down at Lady Bay we had a wander to see what birds were about, the first being an Eider

A redshank

Plenty of noisy Oystercatchers as usual!

Ringed Plovers

And an Oystercatchers Egg...

...In a bit of a messy shell nest!

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