Monday, September 14, 2009

SOC at the World Oceans Day Port William 14th June 2009

A trip to Port William on the Machars to help man the SOC stand at the World Oceans celebraions.
A quick break so we walked up to the small fishing harbour to take some photos.
Boats in the harbour.

View back towards Port William

Bronze man looking out to sea

Kirsty and Geoff giving advice to an interested customer!

I shouldnt have eaten a whole one!
Rock pool fish eating ragworm

Giant Crab

Inshore rescue boat..

...and vehicle

Fun for all ages

Lobster in tank

Emptying the contents of bucket into atank to sea what was caught in the rockpools

Whale bones on display

Back at home, the pheasant has leaned that if he gets into the tree he can reach the bird feeder!

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