Tuesday, March 08, 2011

New Lanark & the Falls of Clyde 25th February 2011

A few days break in South Lanarkshire, we arrived at the Days Inn at Abington Services, great to find that we were at the back with this great view!

Friday 25th and in need of a good walk, shame the weather was a bit dull. We didnt hang around at the Mill as we took a lot of photos here on a previous occasion, please see Edinburgh blog

Chimney above first falls

Mossy wall

Pipes above hydro power station

Nearly stepped on this big fella in the path, he posed for photos for a while and then hopped off!

There are some lovely old trees in this gorge.

Bark detail

Fungi underneath seat.

The ruined Hall of Mirrors

Tower for hydro scheme

High above Corra Linn

A seat with character

Certainly an elf like character!

You can just see this castle folly through the trees on the other side of the gorge.

We stopped to see where the peregrine watch usually is but wasnt expecting to see anthing this time of year but on scanning the cliff what we first thought was a pigeon was the peregrine preening.
Couldnt get any good shots with my lens and it was a bit dull but at least I have proof!

The old iron bridge

Knobbly tree

Fascinated by the "grabber" that automatically keeps the grill clean for the water going down to the power station, it always got stuck and didnt quite reach this bit. Its a bit lie the fairground thing that never grabs that toy!

Shame they had to build such an ugly new bridge in such a beautiful area! we have now crossed to the other side of the Clyde.

Long exposure waterfall

Not much water in this area despite all the rain, must have all been diverted for the power station.

Double falls

You can just see the old iron bridge on the left

Can you see the wooden bunny, or is it a duck?

Steep sided gorge

Lots of snowdrops on this side

Old red door to the castle ruins

Moss covered tree

We watched dippers flying under these falls

There must have been about 6 dippers in this area, we watched for some time as you could see them diving under the clear waters, this one has just cought something. We were some way above them so didnt manage any decent photos.

At least on a dull day its easier to mess around with exposure times although I had to rely on railing for support as I didnt have my tripod.

There must be giant beavers around here!

More snowdrops

Now opposite the Mill buildinds and still some distance to go on the Clyde Walkway

Approaching the end of the walk

High above the river

Mill girl

Sun now out on the buildings

Mill worker

Old church.
Warn out after walking the whole 7 mile circular, its taken all day and just the last steep climb back to the car. Ready for my fish and chips from Lanark and to watch the sun go down over Lanark Loch!


Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Wonderful series, Valerie! Thanks for sharing with us.

Oh, to answer your question....QUACK!

The Glebe Blog said...

What a fabulous walk.Wish it was closer so our walking group could do it.It's hard to persuade them to go too far afield.
Great pictures.

james creaney said...

hi valerie i was wondering if i could use your picture of the bell tower in new lanark. I would like to include it in a report im writing for my management course at motherwell college. thank you

Wildforms said...

James, Yes you can use my photo, although credit would be appreciated!

james creaney said...

thank you very much for letting me use your photo. I added your name to the references in my report. Thanks again.