Wednesday, March 09, 2011

South Lanarkshire Day 2 - Tinto Hill

Day 2 of our trip to South Lanarkshire and Pete was determined to climb Tinto Hill, not sure if my legs would manage it but was willing to give it a go!
The weather was a bit overcast and showery but looked like it might clear up. As westarted to climb the views just got better and better.

The long winding path ahead.

Patches of sunlight appearing.

We saw and heard Red Grouse here.

Still a small spot of snow on the hillside.

Near the top now and the views were stunning

You can see for miles in all directions!

This is the other way up, shorter but steeper

The trig point, which isnt the highest point

Pete on top of the cairn, we carried stones from the botton to add to it.

We had done it our first Graham!!

Its meant to be one of the largest cairns. It was bitterly cold at the top so we had our picnic and then started our desent

Rainbow and sunlight lighting up hill

The long path back down

Another cairn on the way down.

Grouse moors

The car park is just left of the woods

Clearing skies

The hillfort

We found the Geocache box but left it undisturbed

Hill fort rings

Taken just down the road near Roberton


The Glebe Blog said...

That's a lovely looking walk.The closest I got was dining in the Tinto House Hotel.
I'm surprised that this was your first Graham with the Galloway Hills on the doorstep.

Wildforms said...

Yes we really aught to "bag" some more, especially the ones in D&G!