Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Signs of Spring Jan Feb 2011

Crocus in the lawn


These Long Tailed Tits have become regulars on the feeders lately

A Mottled Umber Moth on the kitchen window 17th January

Toadstools growing from a stump

Thousands of geese about, these flew right over the house

and these were just up the road

Ponies near Cairn Pat

Cleaning out the nest boxes at the end of January, Pete found these unhatched eggs

Yellowhammer-a rare visitor to the garden

and a common visitor!

Great clouds!

Frogs mating in the pond but this one appears to be blind in one eye.


Catches the Eye said...

Fantastic shots wonderful sign of Spring brings joy to my heart. Love the Geese wonder where they are heading.

The Glebe Blog said...

I was down by the Cree at Lower Barr when a massive flock of geese passed overhead.I loved the fact that their sounds drowned out the traffic noise on the A75.
Lovely photos as usual.