Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mennock Pass 27th February 2011

Having gone through the Dalveen Pass on the way we decided to go back home via the Mennock Pass. A beautifull sunny day so we stopped in several locations to take photos.

Site of the old viaduct, it must have looked great in this stunning location. All that is here now is the sign.

There always has to be a dark side to such beautiful places!

Patches of snow still on the hills.

We could hear a lot of red grouse about and I finally got a photo of one

A magnificent scots pine

I think this track is part of the old railway line

Posing against a blue sky

This round sheep pen was unfortunately full of rubbish and the remains of camp fires.


Lovely clear water tumbling through the pass

Some people just have to spoil a beautiful place, amongst the rubbish found here was a mobile phone bill with name and address on!

Back in Dumfries and Galloway, a choppy Clatteringshaws Loch

The Wild Goat Park on the Queens Way


Poppy said...

Wonderful photos,thanks for sharing them with us, such a shame humans mess up everywhere isn't it? I could do with some of the pure air that you must have enjoyed on your journey :)

Gary Gilbert said...

Hi Valerie, I remember seeing the old Viaduct in the late 70's when I was a youngster,my brother and I crossed over it if memory serves correct,I remember it being quite crumbly with lots of fallen bricks lying around,the experience of seeing it was something which always stuck in my mind so wanted to let my kids see it.I tried to find it a few years back but to no avail, I later discovered it had been demolished.

Valerie Harrison said...

Yes is a great shame Gary, would have loved to have seen it.