Monday, March 21, 2011

Early Spring Nature Studies

A few photos of the early spring wildlife in our garden and the woods beyond.

The frogs in our garden pond had been vocal for a few days. The first frogspawn appeared on 27th February....

...3 weeks earlier than last year.

Snowflakes in the sunlight

Our first butterfly this year, a Peacock seen on 28th February.

Our first moths recorded this year, at the kitchen window on 3rd March, 2 Mottled Greys and a...

Roe Deer skull in the woods

A cream spot ladybird found in some dead wood.

Slime Mould Metatrichia floriformis (i think!)

Ground Beetle Larvae

Ground beetle

Owl pellet with lots of tiny bones

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The Glebe Blog said...

A nice diverse collection Valerie.It's good to see spring has arrived.