Sunday, January 03, 2010

Southern Upland Way from Castle Kennedy 7th November 2009

A bit of a dreary day and not good for photography, but a couple of Bird Atlas tetrads to do so parked at Castle Kennedy and headed for the Southern Upland Way.

Hundreds of geese in the field

Who you looking at?
View back towards Stranraer

Raining now, drips on farm gate.

Inkcaps by the path

The path comes out on a minor road and if you look carefully there is a cottage hidden in the undergrowth, looks like it was abandoned many years ago

Another ruin on top of the hill

Pink sheep

Charge!!Off the road onto a forest track
and then onto a small path

A windfarm in the distance


Teal taking off from small loch

Fungi on a stump

Meadow Pipit

In the willow trees a flock of Reed Buntings

Back towards Stranraer

Tre growing out of the rock in a small quarry

Meadow Pipit
Reflections in a flooded field

A robin waiting for us back by the car.

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