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Carrick Forest Drive & Lock Doon 18th October 2009

For our birthday treats Mike & I were asked where we would like to go for our day out and as we had always wanted to go to the Carrick Forest Drive & Loch Doon we decided to go there. As it is quite a long way being at the top of the Galloway Forest Park it wasnt worth going unless the forecast was good. Thankfully it was a lovely day with a frosty start, so we packed our picnic and photo gear and set off.

Our first stop was at the Stinchar falls


Beautiful autumn light near the carpark


Next stop was by the dam on Loch Bradan at the start of the Carrick Forest Drive

Dew laden cobwebs

Reflections in the loch

On the dam, a pellet, not sure what was responsible

Calm waters of Loch Bradan

Berries on the dam

We then moved on further round Loch Bradan. Bullfinches, Redwings & Fieldfares were feasting on the rowan berries.

Loch Bradan

Autumn larch

Back to the car

Overlooking Loch Riecawr

Not sure this is the idea of an adventure playground!

This must be the best location ever for an adventure playground and so nicely done...

...and a picnic site too!

Moving on and we managed to find the Black Grouse viewing area, no grouse today but a stunning place

..and very informative

A brief stop by a burn to take a photo of the autumn colours

Finally we reach Loch Doon...

...and wow what a beautiful place!

What a great way to see the loch on such a calm day!

Moving on around the loch to Loch Doon Castle

The castle once stood on an island in the loch but was rebuilt on the edge.

Theres always one!

Managed to get a few shots of the castle, however some selfish idiot was camping within the walls, making looking round and photography difficult

We had hoped that the tearooms and toilets would be open but alas they werent. Good job we had our own supplies and this is when a Shee-Wee comes in handy!

Starting to cloud over but reflections still good

There he is again, my little gnome...

...still trying to get a better shot than me!

Off in the direction of Dalmellington, this appears to be a mini aquaduct

Stone bridge

Under the bridge

By the dam at the top end of Loch Doon

Enormous pipes over the river

A truly amazing day out and one of the best in 2009!

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