Monday, January 04, 2010

Glenluce to St Helena 28th November 2009

A walk from Glenluce to St Helena Island, weather not great, plenty of birds about but not a great day for photography and bitterly cold.

Song thrush

Meadow Pipit

A distant Little Egret racing an Oystercatcher, there were actually 2 Little Egrets but we didnt get close enough for pictures

Robin high in the tree

Distant Dipper

Roe Deer

...and his mates


A Bullfinch was spotted in the willow but didnt manage to get a clear view

Glenluce Abbey

The Abbey partly hidden by ugly farm buildings

Back home pink skies above neighbours farm, notice the corvids on the ground, they landed on our wires and caused a major power cut!

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DanceCat said...

Oh you have such a wonderful playground for wildlife pictures! I just love the Oystercatcher/Egret and the Dipper shots. It might not have been the best day for photographs to you, but I am glad you took them anyway!