Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grasshoppers and Bargaly Glen 22nd August 2010

An organised Grasshopper Identification morning organised by the SWT at Blackcraig, Kirroughtree near Newton Sewart. However, our first sightings whilst walking fron the carpark were a Buzzard and a family of noisy Jays.

On entering Blackcraig Pete spotted a young slowworm which Mike managed to catch.

Jim McCleary our grasshopper expect soon introduced us to all 4 species of grasshoppers found in Scotland

Other insects included a lovely marked Harvestman

Green Tiger Beetle

After our educational morning we went our seperate ways and headed for Bargaly Glen

Alder Moth Larvae found near the parking area

Alder Sawfly Larvae

Peacock butterfly

Red Admiral butterfly




Bright Toadstool


Palnure Burn

Mike & Kirsty

Sculpture and poem Quick Water
Poem Reads:

Pattern springs between alder trees
turns back to the wind at Tonderghie
down Grey Mare's Tail and Clugie Linn
falls pierce the mountain with their din
through a strip for cattle,Carseveige Burn
then the chattering one,the little Louran
along Barhoise with it's field of thistles
the yellow clearing where Blairbuis rustles
In paradise Bargaly hazelwood
grow nut and leafy branch and root
Under Bardrochwood field at the bridge
round Kirroughtrie's brindle ridge
between Muirfad Flow's long marsh
and the rich loop of Meikle Carse
clear Palnure,stream of the yew tree
winds to the fish trap Cruives o Cree


Mike getting the perfect shot!


Lyn said...

Beautiful photography. Lucky you to live in such a wondeful place.

The Glebe Blog said...

Brilliant photographs.You and Mike must have excellent patience to capture much of the wildlife featuring on your blog.

Petra said...

There are some really lovely photos there!