Friday, August 20, 2010

Early August in the garden

Square Spot Rustic

Baby Mouse found in the shed

Sedge Warbler just outside the kitchen window

Roe Deer seen from the living room window

Our new wildlife pond under construction

Sunflower the birds planted in the vegetable patch

Shiny green fly

Busy bumblebee

This Meadow Pipit was found poorly in the road and didnt look like it was going to survive...

...a bit of tlc and 5 hours later it posed for this shot and then flew off!

Lizard shedding its skin on the front wall

Meadow Brown

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Sandy's witterings said...

Your meadow brown has put serious doubts in my head about the scotch argus in my blog - it looks very much your meadow brown. But when I looked scotch argus up on the net it looks nothing like mine (even though it still resembles the picture in Bev's book). Darn nabbit - these brown butterflys are a scunner to identify