Friday, August 13, 2010

Corsewall Point 25th July & 4th Aug 2010

A bit of a dull day so decided to stay on the North Rhins and have a walk from Corsewall Point.
Corsewall Lighthouse and Restaurant.

Meadpow Pipit

Old ruins

Scentless Mayweed

"I see no ships"

Cinnabar Caterpillar


Sheeps Bit

Wild Thyme

Female Eider and young

Stena Ferry going from Stranraer to Belfast

Raft of Eiders


Common Seal

Ferry Wake

Meadow Brown



Straw Bales

Back to Corsewall with the SOC on Wednesday 4th August in the evening


Common Seal

Patches of sunlight

We saw a few birds including a Peregrine and plenty of Gannets but it was very windy and not great for photos

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Rocket Man said...

Lovely series! Thanks for taking me on your walk!