Friday, June 17, 2011

May Moths and Butterflies

A selection of moths and butterflies seen in May, mostly in our garden.Blastobasis lacticolellaBlastobasis lacticolella

Brown House Moth Hofmannophila pseudospretellaBrown House Moth Hofmannophila pseudospretella

brown silverlineA tatty Brown Silverline.

Caloptilia syringellaCaloptilia syringella

Celypha lacunanaCelypha lacunana

Cydia succedanaCydia succedana



Epiblema scutulanaEpiblema scutulana

garden-carpetGarden Carpet

green-veined-on-chivesGreen Veined White Butterfly on chive

green-veined-on-vincaGreen veined on Vinca

green-veined-white-on-bluebellGreen Veined on Bluebell

Hook Streak Grass Veneer Crambus lathionellusHook Streak Grass Veneer Crambus lathionellus

large-white-maleLarge White Butterfly

Narrow bordered bee hawkmothThe star of the moth, if only I had managed a better photo, was a Narrow Bordred Bee Hawkmoth, the last one recorded in Wigtownshire was 1939!


orange-tipOrange Tip

Orange-tip-undersideOrange Tip underside

pugCommon Pug (Eupithecia vulgata)

red-admiralRed Admiral

sandy-carpetSandy Carpet

silver-ground-carpetSilver Ground Carpet

silver-ground-carpet-1Silver Ground Carpet

small square spot -2Small Square Spot

small square spotSmall Square Spot

small-magpieSmall Magpie

WallWall Butterfly

wall-butterfly (2)Wall Butterfly

wall-butterflyWall Butterfly

wall-butterfly-closedWall Butterfly underside

Wall-Butterfly-side-viewWall Butterfly underside

White-ErmineWhite Ermine

white-ermine-2White Ermine

white-shouldered-house-mothWhite Shouldered House Moth

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Catches the Eye said...

Wonderful shots I spotted a white Ermine just a week ago , so thank you for the insight as I wasn't sure what it was called. Sheila