Monday, June 06, 2011

Castle Semple, Kelvingrove and Eglington, May 2011

A few days away in Glasgow to celebrate our Anniversary.

On Friday 20th May we stopped off at Castle Semple for a picnic, where quite a few birds were waiting to share it with us!

Juvenile Black Headed Gull.

Herring Gull


Kickboxing Jackdaws

Lone Whooper Swan

Common Gull


After a night in a Travelodge in Glasgow we went to the Homebuilding and Renovation Show at the SECC in the morning. We arrived at Kelvingrove Museum just before lunch so decided to search out the An Clachan Cafe in Kelvingrove Park. The walk across the park gave us an appetite and the excellent bacon rolls went down a treat. Would thoroughly recommend this little cafe for value for money Fairtrade and Organic home baking. The forcasted rain soon started after lunch so it was back to see the museum.

Animals and Spitfire.


This is wahat a real Haggis looks like!


The Kelvingrove Organ

Pete, Mike and Kirsty

Self Portrait

"I'm the mote in your eye!"

Mike bought us a nice meal out at Pizza Hut, in the evening, a new experience for Pete and I!

A leisurely trip home on the Sunday, we stopped at Eglington Country Park just outside Irvine.

Eglington Castle

Wall Rue

Maidenhair Spleenwort



Jews Ear

Orangetip on Bluebell

After a lovely walk, we finished off our weekend with lunch in the cafe and a look around the Eglington Visitor Centre.

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The Glebe Blog said...

Looks as though you had a wonderful weekend Valerie.
Some beautiful images both natural and constructed.

The haggis must be one of the lowland variety.The highland haggis has very strong,long and prominent right legs since it only runs anti-clockwise around the mountains.A rarely seen creature.

But then there are the unbelievers.