Saturday, April 02, 2011

Monreith, Kirkmaiden & Maxwell - 19th March 2011

A lovely day so we parked in the carpark just past St Medan golf course. A few people playing golf but we were the only ones in the carpark. There were quite a few gulls in Front Bay but this one stood out, we first thought it must be an icelandic or other "white winger" but it turned out to be a Leucistic Herring Gull.


We visited the ruins of Kirkmaiden Church, one of Scotlands oldest churches.

The carvings around the doorway are stunning...

...and in remarkable condition

Ivy trying to get in through the window

Light through the open door.

Lovely old door

A swallows nest on the doorway.

Stunning carved doorway.

Bright daffodils in the churchyard

Memorial plaque to Francois Thurot

More of the ruins

There are some lovely old gravestones in the churchyard, many of the Maxwells are buried here.

Perched on the cliff overlooking the sea.

We then left the church and walked up to Maxwells Otter

Gavin Maxwells family home, Monreith House is nearby.

Author of Ring of Bright Water, he loved this spot.

The bronze otter overlooks the bay.

We then continued our walk down to Clarksburn

This small stunted wood is quite unusual.

Common Scurvy Grass

The gorse has been pulled up and left in a heap, hopefully creating homes for wrens and invertebrates.


Lovely lichens

A buzzard, we also saw a Kestrel.

Back to the car for lunch and we found this Drinker Moth Caterpillar

A spot of rock pooling, not much about apart from shrimps.

Next a walk along Back Bay now that the tide was going out and you could reach the caves.

The rock formations along this stretch are amazing.

This cave looked as if it was dripping with blood and it felt like you were in the stomach of a whale!

Shag on the rocks
(I was going to put a question mark after that and wait for the rude comments!)

These stones looked carved, I daresay they are but by the sea.


Herring gulls on the rocks

Looks as if the Fulmars are nesting too

Rock Pipit on a tyre

My first Stonechat this year!


The Glebe Blog said...

Wonderful pictures Valerie.
Our paths will cross sometime I'm sure.

Catches the Eye said...

Fantastic day out you have captured lots of interesting wildlife here. Every picture has a story very good enjoyed your blog today. Sheila