Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finnarts Bay and Glenapp 2nd April 2011

A trip around to the other side of Loch Ryan to Finnarts Bay. Sheep on the beach enjoying the sunshine!

Waves crashing on the shore

Colourful lichen

Bubbling water over the pebbles

Clear blue sky and water

Finnarts Bay

7 Spot Ladybird on driftwood

Glenapp, shame about the old factory buildings

Ringed Plover

This male Chaffinch was singing beautifully


Dog Violet

Young Larch tree


Wood Anemone

Daffodils but not wild ones

Large bracket fungi

Folly or dovecot?

Interesting bark


Our walk up Glenapp was spoilt slightly by barking dogs and a gamekeeper who stopped to ask if we had been tampering with his traps. He didnt get nasty but left us feeling uncomfortable. We wouldnt even have recognised them as traps and wouldnt have a clue what they were for!

A short trip up the coast to Ballantrae to watch the waves, this is the harbour wall.

Ailsa Craig in the haze

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