Sunday, July 04, 2010

Southern Upland Way 3rd July 2010

Up early on the Southern Upland Way above Castle Kennedy. Started offquite sunny and then clouded over, I forgot I still had my polariser on so pictures not up to my usual standard!

Clouded Magpie moth

We watched a family of Kestrels for some time, the youngsters quite clumsy!

We think there were 4 young ones

Spotted orchid

Grey wagtail

Willow Warbler

Stoat running along the wall

Our first Scottish Slow Worm!

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars

Young Whinchat

Male Whinchat

Slime mould?

A brief glimpse of a couple of Jays in the distance

Common Heath Moth

Northern Eggar moth caterpillar

Yellow Waterlily

White Waterlily

Lots of frog & toadlets about, these not yet ready to leave the loch

Clouded Buff

Marsh Cinquefoil

Large Skipper


Sedge Warbler

Young Redpoll (I think!)

Sexton Beetle (nicrophorus vespliloides)

Ragged Robin


Female Whinchat


Gaina said...

I'm not sure about the one after the Jays (was it a moth or butterfly? Hard to make out), but you were correct about the Clouded Buff and Clouded Magpie Moths :).

Beyond The Garden said...

Such a beautiful bounty of photos. My favorite today is the tadpoles. nellie

Angela said...

What a fantastic selection of photo's. You obviously had a wonderful time there!

Sandy's witterings said...

What an excellent selection of local wildlife pictures you've got here - all for the price of keeping your eyes open I suspect.

Wildforms said...

"Heaven only knows we live in a world
Where what we call beautiful is just something on sale"