Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Patch Early July 2010

This baby Bluetit hit the window but was ok, thankfully

This baby Dunnock was waiting for mum or dad to feed it!

Baby Greattit

Baby Sedge Warbler hiding

Our 5 young swallows that fledged from the garage

Sadly not all survived, we saw one taken by the Sparrowhawk

Bee on geranium


This big brute lives just up the road, I wont be crossing his field!

Bullfinch in the orchard

Young Dunnock on the patio

Tatty Meadow Brown

Grass with pollen

Large frog on the patio

Lizard on front wall with no tail

Meadow Brown

Ox Eye Daisy in orchard


Mist on the loch

Ringed Plover on the shore

Stormy evening Loch Ryan

The goldfinches have been at the thistles!

White toadstools

Vole nest with babies under a pice of wood

Warbler just outside the kitchen window

and on the beans

and the angelica

Weevil on the house wall

Rose after rain

White clover on the patio

Whitethroat on the fence

Willow Warbler

Cheeky Wood Mouse on the bird feeder

Yellow underwing moth

Yellow Loosestrife


Rocket Man said...

Wonderful photos, each and every one!

Gaina said...

Fantastic photos! We just started getting a pair of Bull Finches in my garden about 2 days ago, very exciting as they are not common round here :D.