Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Water of Minnoch 6th March 2010

This walk was recommended to me by a follower of this blog and we finally got around to walking it. A stunning riverside walk on a lovely day.

A lovely wide tranquil river, it must change dramatically in spate.

The "Roman Bridge"...

...A 17th or 18th century bridge locally alleged to be Roman.

A beautiful spot for a picnic

Hes always trying to get a better shot than me...

...and him!

Spot the Long Tailes Tit

Not a very easy bridge to cross, especially with a pack horse!

A pair of Dippers were spotted but we didnt manage to get very close.

Reflections were lovely

I spotted this reflection on the waters edge...

...turned sideways it looks like a mask!

Snow still on the Galloway Hills

Clumps of snowdrops on the banks

Our turning point, not such a pretty bridge. We now followed the Southern Upland Way back through the woods on the other side of the river.

Interesting lichen.

Stile not style!

Hooray we found a Waymerk Kist

..and still with waymerks inside-Treasure!

On the home stretch we heard some birds in the trees, it was a small flock of Crossbills, a lovely way to end a glorious walk.

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Beautiful scenes Valerie.