Friday, April 09, 2010

More Snow February 21st 2010

They told us that we would hardly ever get snow in this part of SW Scotland but it seems this year was to break the rules!
We had a few garden visitors that we rarely see, including Redpolls come to feed on the Nyjer seed
Snow covered Ka.

Wing marks in the snow.

A few tractors have been up the road but not much else!

The view out the front.

Our front gate

..and the front garden

Snow blasted bushes

From the orchard

The side garden

Compost bins

The seat by the vegetable garden

Snow covered bee box

Snow blasted twigs

The back garden

Picnic bench on the rock.

Snow deer.

Snowy gorse

Somewhere under here is our wildlife pond

Snow capped post

The woods

Only the pheasant has been over the woodland bridge!

Snow laden leaves

The old bike

Logs in the woods

In the woods

...down the track.


Redpoll with ring, perhaps it was one we ringed here last June!




Fiesty Redpoll





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