Saturday, April 24, 2010

Loch Ryan Coastal Path Mid Section 13th March 2010

A lovely day so decided to walk the middle section of the Loch Ryan Coastal Path, the missing link as we had walked either side of this stretch. We parked in the carpark just north of Cairn Ryan and crossed the A75 to walk up the lane.

Signs of spring, catkins against a blue sky.

A view across Loch Ryan to the North Rhins and home.

Looking towards the mouth of Loch Ryan.

Plenty of birds in the hederows up the lane

View over farm gate towards the North Rhins and the mouth of Loch Ryan.

Info boards along the way...

...explain Loch Ryans role in the second world war

Looking back down the hill towards the lighthouse at Loch Ryan

The path is clearly marked.

Every available bit of water was occupied by frogs and newly laid frogspawn.

Another info board at the top of the hill.

Stone wall

Wartime remains

Pretty high up now over Loch Ryan, watching the ferries come in from N Ireland

Stone carved with names

More frogspawn, sadly quite a bit had been laid in puddles and was doomed as they had already dried up.

The Stena HSS doing a handbrake tun into the loch!

This little pond was alive with croaking frogs.

The track towards Glennap

The other side of the valley. The Loch Ryan coast path meets the South Ayrshire Coast Path near here.

Back down towards Loch Ryan and the weather not so good now, just pockets of sunshine glinting on the water.

One of my pet hates-balloons in the countryside, especially near the coast!

Back down the hill we now start to gt the sound of the new Stena port being built.

Sunshine and blue sky again after a brief shower.

The new port being built, the ferries will nolonger be coming into Stranraer.

Looking back up towards where we had just walked.

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