Friday, March 19, 2010

From Glenluce 6th February 2010

A walk along the River Luce to St Helena.
Not a great day for photography but plenty of birds about

Hundreds of geese flying overhead.

Down on the shore Ringed Plovers were chasing each other about and displaying

The tide was well out so most of the waders and ducks were a long way out so difficult to identify although there were dozens of Shelduck

Back on the Luce a heron was fishing by the rapids

But flew off when disturbed

We were just returning to our car when a lady stopped in her car and wound her window down, realising we were wildlife watchers she told us to go up by the old railway line in the woods. She had gone to walk her dog but seen that there were Red Squirrels so decided not to disturb them!We could see no sign of the squirrels as another (less caring) dog walker had beaten us to it, Having not been into these woods before we walked a little further and caught a glimpse of several Jays
Then high in the larch we could here a lot of noise but could see nothing. Looking closer we realised it was dozens of Siskins.

A brief stop in Stranraer on the way home to get some shopping and plenty of Black Headed Gulls at the harbour and the sun had come out!

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