Friday, March 26, 2010

Castle Kennedy and Southern Upland Way 13th Feb 2010

A short walk into Castle Kennedy before walking on the Southern Upland Way.Plenty of geese about

Lovely reflections on the White Loch

A lot of ice about on the waters edge

Black Loch looking beautiful, we saw 4 Jays here but didnt manage a photo

Castle Kennedy opens for the Snowdrop Festival so there were plenty about

Off up the Southern Upland way and we watched this Buzzard protecting its prey, then trying to carry it off but it was too big, a rabbit I think.

Old steading and tree

Starlings, Fieldfares and Redwings were making a racket in the trees and we caught a brief glimpse of a Red Squirrel in the conifers

Wool wrapped around gorse

A Kestrel hovering

Up the top new gates since our last visit I think


Hundreds of Yellow Pages dumped-someone was paid to deliver these!

Lochinch Castle

Large numbers of geese on the fields

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The Nature Blog said...

I can't believe the photo og the Yellow Pages. I find it truly depressing the amount fo rubbish that gets dropped in the countryside. How can people do this with a clear conscience?