Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bridge at Irvine

We started 2009 with a few days away, very welcome as we havent been away for 3 years so it was good to have a break even if it was just a couple of nights away in a Travelodge (cheap sale rate!). We chose Kilmarnock as it was an area we hadnt visited and not too far away. Just as well as we broke down on the way and thought we were going to have to be towed back home! A couple of hours on a slip road and a very helpful AA man and we were on our way again, the part only cost £7 and considering it was New Years Day we were very pleased that he managed to find a garage open that had the part. Not the most exciting places, but there are a couple of nice country parks and nearby Irvine is great for bird watching.

Dean Castle

Dean Valley Country Park was the first we visited, although it is right near a housing estate we had a nice walk and there is a pets corner, so we had a chat with the donkeys and other animals. It was an extremely cold day and parts of the river were frozen.

Frozen river Dean Valley

Our next place we visited was Irvine, I love places with old boats and plenty of photo oportunities, so although there were too many people we still enjoyed it.

Plenty of birdlife here too, wigeon, goldeneye etc and we watched a peregrine scatter the waders.




There is an interesting stone dragon on top of the hill which is a great viewpoint too.

We stayed and watched the sun go down even though it was bitter cold, as its a great place for sunsets.

The next day we were going home but determined to have another good walk before heading back. The sun was shining and there was great views of Arran with the snow on the mountains so we headed for Egleston Country Park.

A nice morning walk around the loch, which was partly frozen and distant views of Whooper Swans.

Reflections in river at Egleston

There were interesting castle ruins here too!

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