Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wildforms Blog - February 2009

Wintery view from Keepers Cottage

We started February with a dusting of snow on the 5th, whilst England was ground to a halt we all wondered what all the fuss was about up here in Scotland.

Wintery View Back Garden

Up the lane from our house

We took a trip up to Ayr on the 7th to try and find a new car. It was bitterly cold but the views of Ailsa from Girvan were good on the way up.
Snow on hills above Girvan

Snow on Arran from Girvan

Ailsa Craig from Girvan

We managed to find the car we were looking for and arranged to collect it the next week.
Near Maybole

There was still snow about so we took the long way back, turning off at Maybole and going over the hills past the windfarm to Barr.
Windfarm nr Barr

At Barr we stopped for a short walk in the snow and found some interesting pigs.

Curly Ginger Pigs at Barr

We needed to finish our second winter walks for the BTO Bird Atlas so on the 21st we headed down to the shore near to Stranraer Golf Course to one of our Tetrads.
Stranraer Golf Course

Nothing very exciting spotted, wigeon, turnstones, curlews and oystercatchers mainly.

Plenty of wildlife now appearing in the garden, the frogs were very active in the pond, with lots of frogspawn laid around the 25th.
Frog & spawn in our garden pond

The snowdrops in full bloom.

Plenty of birdlife around too and feeding well in the cold weather.

On the 28th we did another of our tetrads starting at Galdenoch were there were plenty of lambs about.
Birdlife seen, buzzards, ravens and lots of the usual.

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