Saturday, March 14, 2009

I need to catch up a bit on my blog as I have got a bit behind! Will start with the end of last year and see how far I get. October 2008 saw a major milestone for me as I celebrated my half century and I was greet by a very special visitor to our garden, a red squirrel arrived to collect the nice plump acorns on the old oak that overhangs our garden. It visited for a few days in a row and we watched its acrobatics as it reached out to reach acorns on the ends of branches. Unfortunately the harvest didnt last that long as the rooks appeared to clean up what was left. We had hoped to et a squirrel feeder in place so the squirrel would become a regular visitor but Pete wouldnt let me climb the tree to do it and he had hurt his leg so couldnt manage it.

We often watch the kestrels from our front window, however in November we actually got a close view of one catching prey and eating it on the fence post just yards from the house. I think most of the time they must catch smaller items such as beetles, but on this occasion I think it had managed to catch a vole or shrew. Pete managed to grab my camera a get some good shots whilst it was engrossed in feeding, so I cant take credit for these photos!

November was a good month for bird sitings in and around the garden, there were plenty of fieldfares about,
We saw twite just down the road,
.. and we had a rare visit from longtailed tits on the feeder just outside my office..they often pass through the garden but dont often feed on the feeders.
We have had such an abundance of coaltits this year,that they have become quite tame. Pete firstly got them to fed just a few feet away from his workshop and can now get them to feed from his hand.The year ended with a couple of encounters with stoats, the first was by Stranraer Golf Club and the second one was just outside our kitchen window on the garage roof. It ran along the garage roof ridge, jumped onto the nestbox, jumped into the hanging basket, fell to the ground, stood up and looked around then ran under our car!

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