Saturday, June 06, 2015

Dock Park, Dumfries to Kingholm Quay–18th April 2015


1 Nith

A lovely sunny spring day so we parked by the Nith at Dock Park to walk to Kingholm Quay to see a tall ship coming in.

2 Nith


3 Nith

Reflected bridge

4 Cuckoo Flower

Cuckoo Flower

5 Kingholm Quay

Kingholm Quay

6 Tall Ship

Tall ship La Malouine

7 La Malouine


8 La Malouine


9 boat


10 boat


11 La Malouine


12 La Malouine

Lots of people at Kingholme Quay…

13 Nith

….so we decided to find a quieter spot to have our picnic.

14 La Malouine

Back to the tall ship and a bit quieter now, so we decided to step on board.

15 La Malouine


16 La Malouine


17 La Malouine


18 Kingholm Quay


19 Nith


20 Kingholm Quay


21 Kingholm Quay


22 River Nith


23 River Nith


24 Dock Park Dumfries


25 Nith


26 Bandstand Dock Park

Bandstand, Dock park

27 Nith


28 Devorgillia Bridge Dumfries

Devorgillia Bridge and The Caul

29 Robert Burns Centre Dumfries

Robert Burns Centre

30 heron


31 Dumfries

Whitesands from the bridge

32 Nith


33 Devorgillia bridge


34 The Caul Dumfries


35 The Caul Dumfries


36 Footbridge Dumfries


37 Footbridge Dumfries


38 Footbridge Dumfries


39 bridge dumfries

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