Friday, October 17, 2014

Mull of Galloway–20th Sept 2014


After a walk down Auchie Glen, where we saw a speckled Wood butterfly (first in this area) we went for a walk down the Mull.


Steps down to the foghorn

3 wheatear

Wheatear near the foghorn

4 goldcrest-2

Saw several Goldcrests on the rocks, not a place you would expect to see them, but this is “visible migration” time of year aka #vismig



6 goldcrest

More Goldcrests by the wall near the lighthouse


I love the new dry stane dykes around The Mull, they look great, stop people straying too near the edge and they are great habitats for all kinds of wildlife, from lizards to invertebrates and small mammals!

8 parasitised-fox-moth-caterpillar

Parasitised Fox Moth caterpillar


These walls will hopefully last for a long time!

10 Mull_Panorama

Panorama looking towards Maryport (click to view larger)

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