Saturday, July 09, 2011

June Garden Animals

We now have at least four Red Squirrels that visit our garden most days.

1 squirrel-on-hopper-2

This one is on the roof of the seed hopper that Pete put out for them.

2 squirrel-on-hopper

3 red-squirrel

Feeding from the feeding station

4 squirrel-in-feeder

All four of our squirrels are quite small and this one goes right inside the feeder.

5 damp-squirrel

Looking a bit bedraggled in the rain!

6 red-squirrel-and-vole

Vole and Squirrel under the bird feeders

7 frog

Large frog

8 frog-and-toad

Frog & Toad being unsociable

9 frog-eye

Frog eye

10 toad


11 lizard

Lizard on the front wall

12 lizard-no-tail

This one is missing its tail.


Gardener in the Distance said...

Valerie, these Red Squirrels are absolutely enchanting. It does make you feel good to have wildlife around you - that we can co-exist, even thrive together.

Poppy said...

I love squirrels and its a treat to see red squirrels, I have only ever seen one - in Scotland! We have grey squirrels down here. Great photos!

Tim James said...

What a varied collection of flora and fauna your garden supports. It's a credit to you.