Saturday, July 09, 2011

June 2011 Garden Birds & Blooms

1 sparrowhawk (2)

Young male Sparrowhawk on the garden gate.

2 sparrowhawk

Tatty tail

3 sparrowhawk-2 (2)

On the fence

4 sparrowhawk-2

Just caught a bird from the feeder

5 sparrowhawk-3

Behind you!

6 Astrantia


7 pheasant

This male pheasant wakes us most mornings-the joys of living in the country! He has a bit of a limp because of his swollen leg.

8 baby following-dad

Follow that tail!

9 baby-pheasant-and-dad

With dad

10 baby-staying-close-to-mum

Staying close to mum

11 baby-pheasant (2)

Our single baby pheasant dissapeared shortly after this was taken, never to be seen agan! Sad smile

15 poppies

Our poppies have been beautiful this year until the wind and rain!

16 poppy

Shaggy Poppy

17 housemartin

House Martin

18 red-hot-poker

Red Hot Poker


Baby Bluetit almost ready to fledge

20 baby-coaltit

Baby Coaltit

21 baby-redpoll

Baby Redpoll

22 baby-greattit

Baby Greattit

23 stinkhorn


24 broken-swallows-egg

The swallows had a bit of a spat in the garage and managed to break one of the eggs

25 cotton-grass

Cotton grass by the pond

26 fledged-jackdaw

Recently fledged Jackdaw

27 streaked-geranium

Stripy Geranium

28 great-spotted-woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

29 toadstool-3

Pluteus sp

30 warbler-with-food

Willow Warbler with food

31 lily


32 jay


33 ox-eye-daisy

Ox-eye Daisy in the orchard

34 sunbathing-warbler

Willow Warbler sunbathing on garage roof

35 toadstools-1

Glistening Ink-Cap (Coprinellus micaceus)

36 primula-vialii

Primula Vialii

37 willow-warbler

Willow Warbler on roof

38 Rock cranesbill Geranium macrorrhizum

Rock cranesbill Geranium macrorrhizum


Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Gorgeous photos!

Tim James said...

Fabulous series of Sparrowhawk shot. Three and fine are, I think, very special.