Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pebbles, Bugs & St Ninian 11th September 2010

Our mission today was to empty pitfall traps for Buglife, as part of their shore invertebrate study, not that easy as we had not set them so had to find them first!

Oyster Plant

Sea Kale

Wee Broon Coo

A large caterpillar, one I had not seen before, the larva of a Buff Tip Moth

Down on Port Castle Bay it appears the thing to do is to build pebble towers!

This is one I made!

St Ninians Cave, stuff of legend

An elaborate pebble tower

Lots of low growing blackthorn on the shingle

another tower

Shiny pebbles

Above the cave a late House Martin Brood, nice to see them nesting in their ancestral places still and not just on houses!

Historic Scotland sign by the cave, a place of Pilgrimage.

Many people leave makeshift crosses made from driftwood or scratch their names on pebbles and leave then around the cave.

Arghh, I hate to see balloons on the beach!

The view from near the cave looking back up the bay.

Son Mike

Kirsty in another world as usual (or planet!)

Rocks and waves

A spider (with cross!) near the entrance to the cave

Back along the beach

The sign had fallen down so Mike decided to show the way!

Back up the path

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