Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Search of Buff Breasted Sandpiper The Wig 28th Aug 2010

There had been reports of a Buff Breasted Sandpiper at The Wig, we are not twitchers but when a different bird is on your patch just a couple of miles down the road its worth taking a look!

The sun was glinting on the water behind this group of swans.

A single Dunlin posed for photos and did not seem bothered by us

Stena Caledonia on its way to Belfast

The new Stena port being built on the oposite side of Loch Ryan

Pipit, Meadow I think

Dead Great Black Backed Gull, you realise just how big they are when this close.

Fishermans lure & hooks, I always pick these up so they dont kill any wildlife

Turnstones are about

Godwit and Plover

Twite or Linnet?

...and they do!

Large area of Himalayan Balsam taking over, very pretty and the bees love them but they are an invasive non native plant.

Lots of toadstools about

Pete and Mike striding back accross the field

White calf having a drink from a black cow.

Will have to wait for another chance to get out Buff Breasted Sandpiper tick!

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It's Time to Live said...

Nice blog to stumble upon with some very nice images and just enough words to go with it. Thanks for the stroll through your day.