Monday, June 14, 2010

Cree Valley Woodlands 22nd May 2010

Started off at Low Camer Woods.

Lots of Damselflies about.

Several different Warblers heard in the trees

A newly fledged Robin

Whilst eating our picnic we caught a brief glimpse of a Bullfinch

Next stop High Camer Woods, bluebells not at their best yet

A Pied Flycatcher

The best patch of bluebells I could find!

Next stop Water of Minnoch as it was very hot and we wanted to sit by the water. Spotted this drowning beetle so Mike & Pete went on a rescue mission, long stick needed!

All dried out out Two-Banded Longhorn!

Bird Cherry blossom?

River levels low

Monster in the shallows, a Golden Ringed Dragonfly Nymph

...this ones just shed its skin

A toad

We finished up at Glentrool Visitor Centre and had I had Cream o Galloway Icecream, the last one left! The others were contented with their icelollies!


Gaina said...

Hell Valerie :) Lovely photographs. Our bluebells are sadly gone now but I look forward to seeing them again next year.

Photograph #6 that you have labeled as a Pied Wagtail is actually a Pied Flycatcher :).

Wildforms said...

Thanks, oops, I knew that!;-)

Gaina said...

Hehe actually, I made an 'oops!' too. I said 'Hell' and of course that was supposed to be hello! Haha