Friday, June 25, 2010

Around Sandhead 31st May 2010

An early start on Bank Holiday Monday, garden check first!

Large frog just outside back door.

Siskin on one of the barrels.

Orange tip trapped in the greenhouse

First stop near Kirkmadrine stones, lots of birds about including whitethroats and this sedge warbler.

Bull with a ring through its nose

Red Admiral


Field of buttercups

What a nose!.....

...and the owner

A pair of Greattits were busy visiting a nest site...

...and this is it in a hollow fence post, you cant quite see the chicks.

Towards Sandhead

..and Sandhead beach on a beautiful Bank Holiday!

Shame about the three piece suite in the burn which has obviously been there for many years!

Cinnibar moth

String ball on the beach

We watch these two wee voles for over half an hour, they were just a few centimetres long and oblivious to us!

Trying to climb the wall

A rape field South Rhins on the way home

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Gaina said...

I wonder if any critters have made a home in that sofa? It's amazing how wildlife can adapt to and utilize the things we (often irresponsibly) dispose of.