Friday, July 11, 2014

From Winter to Summer, Jan-June 2014 in the Garden

Thought it about time I did a garden update! Here are some photos taken in and around our garden between January and June 20141 brambling
A brief glimpse of a Brambling
1 Evening-light-Glenstockadale
1 rainbow
1 red-squirrel
Red Squirrel
1 vole
Vole caught in the live trap before being released unharmed
2 buzzard (2)
Buzzard on our gate post..
2 buzzard (3)
..and on the gate
2 buzzard-2 (2)

2 Buzzard-2 (3)
2 Buzzard (5)
2 Buzzard-on-gate

2 car-2
February snow
2 digger
Digger in the snow preparing for the new electric pole
2 feeders

2 front

2 road

2 window
We got a bit worried when this happened after the awful blizzards and snow drifts last year!
2 Frogspawn
Frogspawn in the pond
2 diving-beetle
Great Diving Beetle
3  bunny-9
We have baby bunnies!
3 bunnies-4
Lots of them!

3 bunny-6

3 frog-3
Common Frog
3 frog-4

3 frog-5

3 Hare
Brown Hare
3 hen-harrier
Male Hen Harrier from the window!
3 hen-harrier-2

3 hen-harrier-3

3 new-pole
Generator whilst new pole was fitted, I was glad when it was gone!
3 rook-in-rainbow
Rainbow and Rook
3 red-squirrel (2)
Red Squirrels
3 red-squirrel (3)

3 red-squirrel-2

3 snowflakes-1
3 snowflakes-2

3 sparrowhawk
3 treecreeper
Not in the garden but locally, a Treecreeper on a birdfeeder, a rare sight!
3 treecreeper-2

3 vole (2)
Caught in the bird food!
3 Wild-daffodils
Wild Daffodils
4 easter-bunnies
Another batch of baby bunnies!
4 easter-bunnies-2

4 easter-bunny

4 rabbit (2)

4 wood-mouse
Wood Mouse
5 alchamilla-Mollis
Alchemilla mollis
5 Common-frog
Common Frog
5 Common-toad
common Toad
5 ctenicera-cuprea
Click Beetle Ctenicera cuprea
5 Evening-view
Evening light
5 Great-tit
Looks like the Great-tits are nesting just outside the kitchen window!
5 Jackdaw-1
Got up early one morning to hear a strange noise in the living room, this Jackdaw had manage to get trapped down the chimney!
5 Jackdaw-2
Pete got the chimney sweeping rods to try and push it back up but it managed to find its own way out into the living room!
5 Jackdaw-3
Not too much mess or damage and it was none the worse for its ordeal apart from the odd feather out of place. It posed on my hands for a while then flew off into the trees!
5 Loricera pilicornis
Loricera pilicornis I think
5 Nicrophorus-humator
Nicrophorus humator
5 orange-tip
Orange-tip butterfly on bluebell
5 rat-1
Ratty desperately trying to reach the feeders!
5 rat-2

5 Redpoll-1
5 Redpoll-2
…in my hanging basket
5 rhingia-campestris
Hoverfly Rhingia campestris
5 Roe-Deer
Roe Deer
5 snakes-head-fritillary
Snakes-head Fritillary
5 sunset
Newt in the pond
6 Astrantia
6 baby-bunny (2)
Another bunny!
6 bee
We have Mason bees…
6 bee-box
…in our beehouse
6 bee-in-hole

6 Common-blue-damselfly-1
Common Blue Damselfly
6 Common-blue-damselfly-2

6 fasciation
Fasciation on cotoneaster
6 geranium
Bee on Geranium
6 harvestman
6 Large-Red-Damselfly
Large Red Damselfly
6 lilac
6 Newly-emerged-damsefly
Newly hatched damselfly
6 Newly-emerged-damsefly-2
6 damselfly-case
This is what it came out of
6 Poppy
Poppy "Miss Perry"
6 roe-deer (2)
Roe deer
6 thistle
6 vole (3)
I can see a little face lurking!
3 cotton-grass
Cotton Grass
6 yellow-loosestrife-1
Yellow Loosestrife has taken over the garden!

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