Friday, March 07, 2014

The Wig–25th December 2013

A short local walk to walk off our Christmas lunch and to see what had washed up after the storms.


Ferry Cairn Ryan

2-Common urchin (Echinus esculentus)

Common urchin (Echinus esculentus), still alive I think, with spines intact so put it back in the water!

3-Dog Whelk egg cases(Nucella lapillus)

3-Dog Whelk egg cases (Nucella lapillus)

4-sea sponge

Some sort of sea sponge

5-grey sea seaquirt (Ascidia conchilega)

Grey Sea Squirt (Ascidia conchilega)


Sun sinking and bitterly cold, time for a hot toddy in front of an open fire!

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