Friday, January 20, 2012

Rescue at Ringdoo 10th Dec 2011

It was a bit windy and wet underfoot so decided on a forest walk at Torrs Warren heading for Ringdoo Point.


As we got out of the car a skein of geese flew over, Pinkies I think.

The main track through the forest was closed due to felling so we headed for the dunes to continue our walk to Ringdoo Point


Down by the Piltanton Burn 2 Litlle Egrets could be seen in the distance


A masked Crab shell was found on the shore along with lots of Canoe shells, razor shells and a Pelicans Foot shell.


A pair of Stonechats were seen near the shore


Fungi growing on driftwood…


…any ideas?


Silhouetted waders on the sand


We then spotted this solitary bird which appeared to be stranded, we first thought it was a gull but on investigating found it was a stranded Gullimot

9 guillimot-1

This time of year they should be feeding out to sea but it had probably been stranded by the storms.

10 guillimot-2

We debated whether to carry it a couple of miles and take to a rescue centre

11 guillimot-3

Or to carry it to the sea where hopefully it could feed

12 guillimot-4

The decision was made to carry it to the sea once it had been checked over as trying to get it to a rescue centre would probably cause it too much stress so thought we would give it a fighting chance by carrying it to the sea and then leave it to nature.

13 guillimot-5

Mike managed to catch it and we checked it over to see if it had any injuries.

14 guillimot-6

It appeared fine and was quite feisty so Kirsty was given the job of carrying it to the sea which by now was quite a long way out.

15 guillimot-7

It got quite lively once it heard the waves

16 guillimot-8

It flapped about at the waters edge first

17 guillimot-9

Composed itself

18 guillimot-10

Then managed to fly a short distance

19 guillimot-11

It then dived under and popped up again several times heading out to sea, lets hope it survives!

20 jellyfish-1

Our attention was then taken by this large jellyfish

21 jellyfish-2

Which I found out later is a Barrel Jellyfish (Rhizostoma octopus)

22 jellyfish-3

Probably washed up by the storms also


We had not been this far out on the point before, a beautiful place.

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